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...welcome to emo-fest 2008... ♪

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Thank you to thefulcrum for the lovely layout. :)

Vicky. 24. Blonde....Brown....god knows what color hair, with blue eyes, and extremely pale skin. (Comes from being a computer nerd :) ) I game, web design when I feel like it, and occasionally doodle.... -_-

Can be found at:
Lumi (as "Vickles")

Most of my entries are "friends only", comment to be added, and remember to let me know who you are! ^^ Previously posted at my old journal febronia, though I doubt you want to go there and read that....
If you've found that I've friended you, don't be freaked out, I tend to put people I find interesting on my friends list. ^_^

Online gaming :
World Of Warcraft : Silver Hand / Currently taking a break from the game.
"Yoli" 80 Night Elf Druid. / Retired
"Ruvelia 80 Night Elf Priest

Final Fantasy XI: Online : Diabolos Server "Kelvena", mostly as Samurai but soon to be a 75...somethingorother....o_o Working on slowly leveling my Black Mage and Corsair/Bard (whichever I settle on).

Thank you
whispyr for the random avatars, as I got sick of my own. ><