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Jun. 4th, 2009



To recap again, I have moved my journal here little_goldfish. For those that might have missed it. 

May. 12th, 2009



I be a permanent resident of Canada now.

May. 7th, 2009


ffxi entry

New FFXI entry here.  Going to keep my journal going for now. More to follow.

Apr. 24th, 2009


Webby Design

Do any of you lovelies do Web Design career wise? I've thrown the idea of going for a Media College Major around in my head for years, but after doing some freelance, I didn't like the idea of...well doing it freelance heh. I've also done some work for my boyfriends mothers book site years ago.. (so ignore the old layout, it's not nearly one of my best.) and it was somewhat fun, but frustrating at the same time (not going to lie). I didn't mind it so much because I got a lot more creative freedom. I did do the most tacky website ever for something that seemed very much like a pyramid scam back in 2006 -_-. (thinking back) He wanted it tacky...with American flags slapped all over it, and I died a little inside when he said that hehe. I made very little for any of these projects, since I undersold my work. And thinking back, I was a wad for doing so, as way more work goes into making a website than people who have no experience in it think. It's infuriating when I name a price, and they are like "I'll go elsewhere."...good luck, any legit person will charge you a lot more than me.

However, thinking of working within a company environment seems a bit more appealing to me. I just don't want to do the whole "6 month contract" crap that most people in the  "Art" fields have to.

Seneca teaches a media arts program that centers around it, as well as Sheridan, and they are 1-2 year courses, which is also appealing. I also know a fair amount about design already, granted, I know I will be completely lost on some parts, but I am a fast learner. I already know I can get into Seneca, since I had gotten accepted there in 2006...wish I had the money to go at the time....Sheridan is litreally across the street from Austin's apartment, which is also very appealing. :)

I just never settled on web-design stuff because it seemed like I would be making a hobby into work...and I wasn't sure it would bode well. However, the prospect is appealing when I think about it in an office setting.

In other news. I've got a new blog set up and ready to go. I'll be starting over new if this May thing goes well in NYC. I want to start with a clean slate..sort of re-invent myself since nobody knows me here. :) I look forward to it. *crosses fingers*

Apr. 23rd, 2009


Day 3

Day 3 of no Soda. >< Not dealing too well considering I've become dependent on it for energy. I've had a headache for the past two days, and have slept most of the time due to complete lack of energy. Needless to say, my moods have been quite.......well I've been moody.
It's interesting how something so stupid can become such a habit hehe. Like Coffee I suppose. Or tea, in Austin's case....he loves his tea.

Deleted this part of my entry because it's really not worth it to rant like that. Bottom line : I will be cutting down on my raiding in WoW.

Other than this. I've printed off a few hundred pages of old Livejournal entries proving correspondence between Austin and me. I'm not going to get my previous workplace letters because they don't seem to apply to my case. I do have old pay-stubs I can take if they need proof I worked at these places though. The Embassies response, that took 1 1/2 weeks to get mind you, was literally two lines telling me the same as the paper. -_- I'm taking all these emails and such I sent, as proof that I tried to get answers from people, and got NO help, just in case I have to prove something. It's a shame they don't answer questions for people who legimately need help....It's not a very caring thing to do....

This week will be spent rounding up all my papers and updating whatever needs to be updated. Getting everything in chronological order, getting my letters from parents, family and friends here....and then waiting out the day I fly to NYC. I'm going to be more and more nervous as it gets closer...so perhaps I should back off from WoW before I freak out and totally make everyone hate me...:(
This weekend I think we're going to take Sunday off and head to Watertown. I want to go shopping in the States since I know the stores better there hehe, and also get an Auntie Annes pretzel. <3 (After working there for 3 years in the past, I still love them. lol)

Also, I realize Aus and I need to take more pictures. :) I can be like those other Myspace peeps with an assload of pointless images! :D http://www.myspace.com/theflyingtwinkie

Apr. 20th, 2009


some minor life changes

Despite my nerves as my interview date moves closer and closer... *bites nails* I have decided to start my "life changes" a bit early. Taking baby steps and such. First thing on my agenda, giving up soda. Honestly, I drink far too much soda and it's pretty much the only reason I'm not a string bean. I noticed I put on some weight over the winter and wish to get it off asap. Being skinnier will help boost my confidence A LOT. At the risk of sounding vain, I know I have a semi-pretty face, so I want a semi-pretty body to go with it. :) I have always had self-confidence issues, and I think feeling better about how I look (and feeling better and healthier overall) will really shoot it up. :) I use soda as a comfort drink far too much. -_-  Otherwise, I eat healthier than most. I know soda is what's keeping the weight on. All that sugar is not healthy..

So, starting tomorrow, I will be giving it up for 1 month. I'm doing it in time spurts to make it feel less "forever". heheh I doubt after having 0 pop during that time will make me want to go back. :) I may be somewhat moody for the next week or two though...but I will deal. :D 

Have not heard a response for my questions yet. If I hear nothing back by the end of this week, the weekend will be spent running around Wilkes Barre trying to get as much as I can from employers. I have some old pay stubs laying around, and will need my tax info from 2006...I think I have tax info from then since I stopped working that year. I hope I can find it all....I just don't want to go to this thing looking like an unprepared wanker.

I love Austin so much, and I'm really excited, and scared to death at the same time. I just want to settle down and have a life with him finally. I'm scared that they will reject my application, it would break both our hearts to have to continue with this long distance relationship any longer than we have. It's really hard folks, I will not lie, and it's not for everyone, but coming from people like us, who have been in one for several years if you are in love, you will know it, because if you aren't you wouldn't go through such lengths to be with each other. :)

Apr. 17th, 2009


24 days

My interview at the Canadian Embassy in New York City is 24 days away. I'm starting to freak out a bit. I feel like I'm going to be on the trial of my life, even though what I've read online, it's not that horrible.  The "Documents List" they gave me in a small wad of papers confuses the hell out of me though. They put something about wanting Letters from previous employers, I'm not sure how relivent that is to family class. I  looked on various websites and they made no mention of bringing anything like that, it's only listed under business class. Also, they just stuck in a form about a criminal background check, which I had done already, so.....do I like, have to get another one done, or what? They didn't explain that...:( Even if I do have to get one done again, it wouldn't be back in time (even if I had done it as soon as I got that letter) so not sure what's going to happen there.

I wrote an email to the NYC embassy with my case number and everything. The form only allows for 250 words...so I try to make it as short and to the point as possible. Then I click send, I get a notice saying it may take up to 28 days to answer my email.....*Cries*

I just want to know exactly what pertains to my case and exactly what I should bring....the packet of papers is so confusing. :(

The thing about the previous employers isn't a HUGE deal I guess, but I'm not sure if RCN even exists anymore, let alone who to contact for an official letter....I could get Bev from Aunti Anne's to write a letter from there and Lowes...they're weird, I'm not sure if they will give me something liek that, since I know they said if you use them in a reference for another job literally all they can say is "Vicky worked here." and thats it. They are bound by legal mumbo jumbo because of lawsuits in the US and they are a very large company. Everything is "Will we get sued? " .... People are so sue happy in the US...it's really sad.  I really just feel weird about asking them for something that pertains to me so personally, I don't like having my old bosses know about my personal life, I like to keep work (at least with supervisors) un-personal. I do also, have some old pay stubs (hurray for never cleaning out my car ...) to prove I worked at these places though. I guess if I don't get a reply from the question place in time, I could take those. ( I will either way just to be safe.)

Also, I think for more proof, I will be using my blog(s) as reference to the times I visted. (It will help explain how I was able to list the rough estimate of days.) Thank goodness I kept some record of this, I hadn't thought to, but it just happened to work out that I blogged... :)

Apr. 1st, 2009


We broke up....

Do I REALLY need to "LoL" at this? :D 

"County and Western music....I understand it now..." 

*falls over laughing*

Mar. 26th, 2009


This what kind of email I get from Aus at work =/

Austin versus all odds: Chapter 1
o there it was, the mighty 3 headed Pepsi bear. I was all alone now, no companions to assist me in my conquest of its liquid interior.

We paused as we stared at each other, surely it knew the danger as I had a keg tap in my left hand and a large bottle in the other... It knew it's future if it were to lose the battle.

It lunged at me with its straw like claws, I dove under it's belly barely avoiding being drunk myself. I knew I only had one chance to make this work.. it wasn't going to go down without some loss in carbonation.

I nestled the bottle in belt and grasped the tap with both hands, as it turned and roared up a mighty fountain of the glorious Pepsi within, I struck, undeterred from it's display of strength!

I thrust the tap quickly into the back of its top, it's weak spot, and hung onto its mane while it tried to shake me loose. the first chance I had I pulled the bottle from my belt and placed it under the tap, I struck the release valve with my foot and it streamed into the bottle, I had won! I had bested the 3 headed Pepsi bear!
I managed to keep my balance as it fell to the ground so I could finish filling the bottle. The bottle of Pepsi was thus secure for my love, and placed into the fridge as trophy of this mighty conquest!


Yeah....hehe. At least he can make me laugh in these scary times for me lol. This is his story of going to pick up a bottle of Pepsi from the convenient store below us. -_- "my love" is me apparently lol.
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Mar. 24th, 2009


It's all booked

I was not aware they made a new Valkyrie Profile game for the DS. Yet another reason I need to get one I suppose. Looks like they used the original battle system too from the screens I saw. :D  I <3 Valkyrie Profile. ^_^

Plane tickets and hotel are booked now. I'm nervous and excited about the New York trip. Relieved too since I don't have to drive with Austin for almost 9 hours (I'm at his house right now.) to get there. No way in hell I'm going to New York alone, and even though it's only 2 1/2 hours from Wilkes Barre, I want him to come with me for moral support. He of course, want's to see the City and such, and I'm sure he will really like it. :) It makes me feel more at ease knowing I will fly there and have everything taken care of for me, no worries on whether I will get across the river on the ferry's and such before the interview time. If I am late, I have ONE chance to reschedule. I don't intend to be late or miss it. *nods*

I'm nervous about being interviewed and probed about if my relationship is genuine. I know it's for the protection of their citizens (Austin) and they're just trying to make sure I'm not trying to pull something, also I'm sure they want to make sure I'm not going to be a drain on their system. Canada needs and wants immigrants, however, I know they want to make sure that those coming in know that it's not all rainbows and lollipops. I probably got flagged for an interview because of my age, the fact we aren't married, the fact that I stay here for such long periods of time, the fact we applied for a conjugal relationship rather than common law (couldn't since I am not allowed to stay here over 6 months without returning to the States.) , the fact that I put an explaination next to the "cohabitated " question. I was just completely honest, I have nothing to hide, I like it here, I stay here with him for as long as I can. :3  And I will be very honest with the interviewer about my intentions. I don't plan to be a financial lump, hell, as soon as this is all done, assuming I get in, I plan to get my ass right into work and school. *nods*

But yep. I hope May comes soon so I can get this over with and we can go from there, be it good or bad news.

To keep my mind off of all of this for the next month and a half, in my spare time,  I will be leveling a hunter in WoW. ^_^ I bought all the emblem equipment I could for her and she's now 34. I'm still torn over what type of pet to have though....for now I have a Tiger, and I plan to get a rare spawn blue one from Winterspring later on....but I'm not sure about my other pets. :P

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